How to Make a Trade API Key

Coinbase has transitioned their existing retail API authentication to a new key creation process powered by CDP (Coinbase Developer Platform) to allow access to your Coinbase account. You will no longer be able to create or edit keys with the legacy authentication method after June 10, 2024.

If you have existing API keys and OAuth, they will continue to function normally and no further action is required.

If you wish to create an API key for Coinbase using the CDP, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Log into and Click your profile in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Click on "My Preferences" > then scroll down the list and select on the  "API" tab.
    Alternatively, may also click this link to be taken directly to your API Settings page:

  3. Click "+ Create API Key with Coinbase Developer Platform (recommended)"

  4. Enter 2-step verification code if prompted

  1. Enter an API nickname (eg: NODE40_API)

  2. Ensure “View (read-only)” is the only box selected (as pictured above). Click “Create & Download”.

  3. Navigate to NODE40. Click +New Ledger in your NODE40 account.

  4. Enter your API details from on the NODE40 screen. (API/SECRET/NICKNAME).
    Be sure to copy and paste the entirety of all API/SECRET keys provided by Coinbase or it will not be accepted by NODE40 Balance.

  5. Click "Create" in NODE40 to start your import.